Toronto’s Best PC Maintenance and Tune Up

What is maintenance for computers?

Computer Maintenance is the practice of keeping a computer’s performance at an optimum level, otherwise referred to as a good state of repair. The term encompasses all of the tasks necessary to bring the performance of a computer to a satisfactory level.

Sometimes people refer to it as computer support or just know that they need computer help and support, instead of referring to it as maintenance. All of these terms may seem confusing at times, just know that Futuer Tech Canada can address any of your computer related needs.

How is maintenance carried out?

Any action taken to maintain a computer’s optimal level of performance are considered maintenance. Maintenance often consists of:

  • Running a virus and malware scan
  • Updating software
  • Removing temporary or unnecessary files
  • Removing unnecessary and problematic programs
  • Re-installing programs or drivers
  • Upgrading software and hardware

This allows computer programs and applications to function alongside each other in an efficient manner. Consequently, the introduction of, or updates to, a program you use can cause other programs or your operating system to function at a lower than optimal level of performance.

Understanding how computer programs and applications interact with one another is crucial to the successful performance of maintenance activities of computer systems or computer networks.

Future Tech Canada’s Support Staff Team will apply these concepts and can explain them to you. We do this for personal computers and small business computers.

Should I clean my computer regularly?

Cleaning a computer on a consistent basis is vital to the overall performance of a computer. Cleaning is the act of removing files which are taking up space on the hard drive. A lack of cleaning can lead to a build up of orphan files and possibly a slow computer.

A computer used to surf the internet accumulates internet files, which continue to gather unless they are removed. These internet files can be removed using a variety of software programs which are easy to use.

What is a computer assessment?

A computer assessment or diagnosis is the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality and ability of a computer. In other words, it looks into the performance of a computer to diagnose and find if there are any issues slowing it down.

The person carrying out the assessment or diagnosis produces a summary of results or findings. It is often the first of multiple computer services we provide when troubleshooting a computer problem.

Will we conduct an assessment?

If your computer is not functioning at it’s normal speed or something doesn’t seem right a diagnostic assessment becomes necessary.

Future Tech Canada’s Technicians can perform the maintenance operations on your Laptop or computer before you give up on your computer. Our services include a diagnostic assessment of the symptoms you describe.

Prior to performing maintenance operations, our computer technician will ask about the symptoms you are experiencing and perform an assessment of your computer based on your answers.