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Our Burlington location in Burlington Centre is the best place in Burlington region for you to get the best deals for any Mobile device.

We at Burlington Mall offer Top Dollars for any old Phone, Tablet Computer or Laptop that you want to sell.

If you are looking for fun and unique accessories for your iphone, Galaxy, Tablet, or smart watch, we have you covered with some of the best brands and best deals to match your device.

So, Stop by at our Burlington location and let our friendly staff entertain you with best customer service experience.

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Phones Buy and Sell

Buy the best phones on Best possible deals and Sell your Phones for Top Dollars


Best Mobile Accessories

We carry today's chic and Modern Brands for your Cell Phone Accessories. Stop By and Browse through our collection.


Quick Repairs in 30 Minutes

Need a quick Fix for a Broken Device? Look No further, I Technicians at Burlington Location are Trained to fix your device within 30 minutes.


Laptop and Computer Accesories

Get your Computer Accessories needs met at or Future Tech Burlington Center Location. We carry accessories for All Major Computer Brands.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Excellent customer service! I was in a real mess for the passed 2 days regarding my phone. Literally futuretech was my last resort. If I had only known before how helpful this place was, it would have been my first. Within a very short period of time, my problem was resolved. Honest and straightforward! I would highly recommend, no question.


rza gza

Satisfied Customer

I just recently had my iPhone 6 phone screen replaced at the Burlington Centre location. Excellent customer service! Staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. I will definitely go back!


Ryan Taylor

Happy Customer

My cellphone screen cracked up couple of times and as you know it is very stressful to spend even single day without cellphone and Future Tech Burlington replaced it in very reasonable price within one hour. Customer service at FTB is really nice. Staff is very smart, kind and cooperative. They gave me discount too. Will visit them for sure in future if I came across same problem .


Silly Goose

Frequent Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customers ask these questions quite frequently so we thought we should share them with you so that all can benefit from each others learning experience

Tablets and Smart Phone Repairs

For most phones fixing the screen takes about 30 minutes. That means you can get rest of your shopping done while the screen is being repaired on your phone.

If your Apple iPhone or Galaxy Smart Phone does not hold charge that indicates the dying battery.

Batteries on most phones can be replaced within 30 minutes

Your earpiece may need to be replaced on your Smart Phone.

Sometimes when the speaker icon is Greyed out during the call, it indicates that the logic board on your phone needs to be repaired.

One of the inner components of your phone will need to be replaced to ensure it is able to connect to your Telephony Network.

The Charging port on your smart phone will need to be serviced or replaced.

With most models we can repair the charging ports within 30 minutes.

Laptop and Computers

System files on your Laptop or computer may be corrupt. 

We can help you recover your Data files (Pictures, Vidoes, Music and Documents) and install Fresh system files for you whether it’s WIndows or Apple MacBook.

If your Laptop no longer charges or does not show that the power is connected, it could be one of the two things.

Either your Power Adaptor has gone bad or the DC jack on the laptop needs to be replaced. 

Bring in your laptop for free diagnosis.

There could be multiple reasons for your device to not turn on. 

This requires thorough Troubleshooting of the problem as the causes could be many.

Bring in your Laptop or Macbook for a thorough diagnosis.

We provide the service to backup your important data to a Flash or an external drive.

Never lose your important data by keeping it backed up.

Bring in your laptop to Future Tech Burlington to get the important files and documents backed up.

At Future Tech we can diagnose issues with sound, Wifi connectivity and Graphics issues.

Bring in your device to get it diagnosed by our Experienced Technicians.

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