Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Repair

Galaxy S8 Repair

Our Galaxy S8 Repair involves repairing all major parts of your Galaxy S8 from broken screen glass and LCD, Charging Port issues, Battery Replacement, Face ID / Touch ID, Rear and Selfie Camera repair.

If you have issues with Low volume on the earpiece or speaker or you need the Power button repaired on your Galaxy S8 we can do it all in Future Tech.

Besides the usual repairs, we can help with software related issues on your Galaxy S8. We can repair water damage and can do data recovery for Galaxy S8.

We offer life time warranty on screen repairs, see warranty policy for more details. Most repairs can be fast and can be completed within 30 minutes or less. At Future Tech we always use new original parts for Galaxy S8 Repair.

Our Technical Teams at Future Tech in all locations are well trained and experienced at performing all these repairs to your satisfaction.

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Free Diagnosis

iPhone 11 Pro Diagnosis


Bring in your Galaxy S8 for FREE Diagnosis.

No Fix, No Pay. You Only pay when your device has been fixed. 

If we are not able to fix your Device, you will not be charged.

Most of our repairs are Walk In On the Spot Repairs where you wait while we fix your screen, charging port, speaker or earpiece and get you back to your busy life in No Time.



Broken Glass Screen / LCD Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Broken LCD

We Repair Broken Glass and Broken LCD on your Galaxy S8. In General our Repair Times are within 30 minutes with a prior booked appointment.

Please be advised that We do our best to meet your Timelines in your busy schedule but sometimes depending on the the Work Backlog you might have to wait a little bit longer for the Galaxy S8 Glass LCD Screen Repair to complete.

Sometimes there may be a non-physical issue that requires a screen replacement. Future Tech offers In-Store screen repair and replacement with an appointment or as Walk-In Customer.

Just drop by to one of our locations and have your Galaxy S8 Screen replaced with a brand new screen while you wait.

Our service is fast, and Quality of Work is Guaranteed.

On Galaxy S8 the Glass and LCD Screen come as One Unit so most of the times the whole part has to be replaced.

Battery Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Battery repair

All Batteries have a Certain Lifetime because of Usage, Drainage and Recharge.

Galaxy S8 Batteries are no different and need to be replaced after a few years of usage.

At Future Tech, we have In-Store technicians available to replace your Galaxy S8 batteries for you.

Galaxy S8 Battery Repair at Future Tech location generally takes 30  minutes and can be completed while you wait.

Home Button/ Face ID Repair

Samsung Galaxy Home Button Repair

With Samsung’s Button-less Wide Screen concept for Galaxy S8, the Home Buttons have become a thing of the past.

Almost all the interactions with the phone is provided through the Touch Screen.

Should you have any issue with navigation on your Galaxy S8 Device, feel free to contact us through phone and we would love to guide you through the assessment to determine if you need to bring in your Galaxy S8 for repair to any our Future Tech Locations.

Power Button Repair

On Galaxy S8 the Power Button Functionality is slightly different from it’s predecessors so it can be confusing at times.

Nonetheless, if an issue arises where the Power button becomes non-functional, and requires a Power Button Repair on your Galaxy S8 Feel Free to drop by at any of our Future Tech locations to get it diagnosed, assessed or repaired.

We have In-Store Technicians available that can take care of your Galaxy S8 Power Button Repair Needs.

Speaker Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair on Galaxy S8 is similar to most phones out there.

Given the form factors that all the smart phones have, the issues for Galaxy S8 speakers are also similar with all those phones.

But at times, due to usage or device issues, the speakers may malfunction. Our Technical Team at Future Tech is fully equipped to deal with such issues.

Speaker Repair for Galaxy S8 takes 30 minutes to an Hour. So just Drop by at any of our Future Tech locations to get your phone repaired if you feel like you are having speaker issues on your Galaxy S8.

Volume Button Repair

iphone 11 Pro Volume Button repair

Galaxy S8 only has three buttons in total, One Power Button and Two Volume Buttons.

Volume buttons can also malfunction at times because of usage, falls, or any other type of Physical or Liquid Damage.

Regardless of the type of Damage, All Future Tech locations are fully equipped to Diagnose and Repair any Volume button issues.

Please feel free to Drop By or Call us for your Galaxy S8 Volume Button Repair needs

Vibrator Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Vibrator Repair

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has a built in Vibrator just like any other smart phone.

At times the Vibrator on Galaxy S8 can go bad due to usage and handling of the phone and needs to be repaired.

Future Tech has the Technicians available In Store that can fix this issue on your Galaxy S8 within 30-45 minutes.

So if you feel like your Galaxy S8 needs some TLC, make sure to bring it by any location of Future Tech and let our qualified technicians have a look to diagnose the issue and assess the repair that needs to be done.

Remember ”No Fix No Pay… You only pay when your device has been fixed.

Charging Port Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Repair

Charging port is one of the most frequently fixed parts on all smart phones in all of our Future Tech locations.

Galaxy S8 is no exception when it comes to Charging Port Repairs.

The charging ports can easily go bad when multiple chargers and charging blocks are used for the same phone, or just because of external particles like Dust and Lint getting between the charger connector and the port itself.

Regardless of the reason why your Galaxy S8 charging port went bad, our talented technicians can fix it within 30 minutes depending on the workload.

Ear Piece Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Ear Piece Repair

Ear Pieces have holes for the voice to come through to the listener and sometimes it also allows the dust and debris to get through causing damage to the speakers.

To repair such issues on Galaxy S8 the ear piece needs to be repaired to restore complete functionality.

Our staff and technicians at Future Tech are well equipped to deal with such issues and the ear piece can be repaired by our On site Technicians within 30 minutes.

Should you have any issues with low volume, or no voice when you put the phone to your ear, bring it over to any of our Future Tech locations to have it checked and diagnosed for FREE before you decide if you would like it repaired.

Selfie Camera Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera Repair

Samsung phones have a reputation about having great cameras, Galaxy S8 also comes with cameras. At least One Selfie Camera and One Rear Cameras are normal in all Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Selfie camera on Galaxy S8 can also go bad because of  the usual knocks and falls and requires repair to bring them back to life.

Our Team of technicians at Future Tech can fix these cameras on Galaxy S8 in 30 minutes time.

So if you are experiencing issues with any of the cameras on your Galaxy S8, be sure to drop in to Future Tech at any location for a quick and effective repair.

Rear Camera Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Rear Camera Repair

Galaxy S8 also comes with multiple cameras. One for selfies, and at least another Rear Camera.

Rear camera on Galaxy S8 can also go bad because of the usual knocks and drops and requires repair to bring them back to life.

Our Team of technicians at Future Tech can fix these cameras on Galaxy S8 in one hours time.

So if you are experiencing issues with any of the cameras on your Galaxy S8, be sure to drop in to Future Tech at any location for a quick and effective repair.

Back Cover/ Housing Repair

Samsung Back Cover Repair

Most Galaxy S Series Phones nowadays have the back made out of a composite glass material that can crack. That makes the Galaxy S8 prone to breakage due to the fragile nature of the glass as well.

Galaxy S8 Back glass repair is not easy because of close proximity of the wireless charging functionality as well as wifi connector.

But the  Technicians at Future Tech are well versed at getting the back housing fixed, repaired or replaced based on the severity of the breakage on Galaxy S8.

Whether you need to completely change the housing on your Galaxy S8 or just get the back glass replaced you can bring your device to any of our Future Tech locations to get a Quality Repair.