Toronto and GTA Computer Repair and Upgrade

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer hardware are the physical components which make a computer, such as :

hard drive
video card
sound card

Hardware can become broken for obvious reasons but sometimes for not so obvious reasons. Common hardware issues we see regularly are things that have to do with memory, broken screens, liquid spills or a malfunctioning hard drive. We can address some of these hardware issues but and in other circumstances simple computer services can remedy the issue.

What is Computer Hardware Repair?

Computer Hardware Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer parts to get a desired result. If parts are not functioning correctly, your hardware may not yield the intended result. Our computer services will determine if the issue is hardware or software related. For certainty, we do laptop repair including macbook pro.

When is hardware is broken?

Hardware is not necessarily broken just because it sustained physical damages. Damages would need to affect one or more of it’s critical operations to stop working or work with a reduced level of performance. Short of seeing physical damages to the exterior of the hardware, it may be difficult to detect hardware damages. Hardware may be damaged internally where it is hard to see.

Sometimes software causes hardware to operate on a less than optimal level or not at all, one should be considerate of this. As such, one may need a professional to determine if an issue is related to hardware or software. In either event, we realize you just want your computer fixed.

When does my PC Needs Repair

Our technicians are experienced in building computers and are A+ certified. If you think you might have a computer hardware issue, we can certainly assist you. Unless you know what you are doing, 1CS does not recommend opening up a computer or other device to fix a hardware issue. It can be dangerous if one doesn’t know how to do it safely. We know Mac computers and laptops well. We specialize in PC repair, contact us today.